BBC Steel Corp has has the capabilities to bend metal with the use of our powerful press brakes.  Press brakes, also known as Brake Presses or just brakes are machines used to bend sheet metal using tooling known as dies and punches.  The Brake Press has an upper and lower section.  The upper holds the punch which has a general v shape to it, the lower has a matching shape and it known as the die.  The two sections of the press brake are moved together forcing the sheet metal between them to bend.  We can bend metal up to 24′ long and over an inch thick.


Our shop has the capability to take flat sheet metal of a multitude of thicknesses and form it into 3 dimensional functional pieces. We have multiple different sizes of press brakes giving us wide range of skills to bend and form all of your project needs. Our team is experienced at bending small gauge aluminum and sheet metal as well as flat steel stock up to 2″ in thickness.


BBC Steel Corp can roll sheet metal and other materials into the shape and form you need it.  Our rolling machines are capable of working metal up to 12′ long and our operators are highly experienced and can roll anything.  Whether the project is commercial, industrial, or personal our equipment and our operators can perform any job you need done.