At BBC Steel Corp our welding operations provide us with many advantages.  We are capable of TIG welding, MIG welding, Arc welding, spot welding, and stud welding.  We offer full service fabrication, and oftentimes welding is a necessity to finish a project or fix something broken.  Whether the project requires us to weld aluminum, steel, stainless steel, nickel or any number of alloys it can be done in our shop.  We have many talented certified welders on staff to accomplish any job.


Many metal projects require drilling services in order to complete.  Many projects will need drill services like tapping, counterboring, or countersinking in order to complete.  At BBC Steel Corp we have the ability to complete nearly any drilling your project may require.  The power and size of our drills allow us to take on projects of nearly any size and our expertise makes it possible.  Like every area of our operation, our drilling services are set up to provide the most efficient processes available.  This allows us to provide our customers with better turnaround time and lower costs.


At BBC Steel Corp we use a variety of CNC machines in order to make our customer’s projects more accurate and efficient.  The programming these machines use allows us to set exact parameters and measurements to provide the best product possible.  We use a CNC 13″ Diameter x 24″ Long Table Lathe, and a CNC 30″ x 72″ Table Milling Machine.  We can program our machines to meet the exact specifications for any project.