BBC Steel Corp has been a leader in the Laser Cutting Industry for over 30 years.  We remain on the cutting edge of Laser Technology to better serve our customers. The most effective way to fabricate sheet metal is laser cutting, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and many other alloys.  At BBC Steel Corp we use top of the line fiber and CO2 lasers.  Laser cutting is highly accurate and always leaves a clean cut finish.


The main benefit of water jet cutting is the variety of materials that can be cut and the overall thickness of material that is able to be cut.  A water jet can cut up to a 12″ thick piece of metal with very little taper.  A water jet can hold a tolerance of somewhere between ± 0.010″-0.015″ depending on material conditions and required tolerance of the part. If you have a project where precision is paramount and speed is secondary the water jet is perfect. The other advantage of water jet cutting is that heat is never a part of the process.  This becomes especially important if the integrity of the material needs to be fully maintained.  Water jet cutting does not alter the molecular structure of the material in any way, it simply removes the material away like nature would…with a little more power! (94,000 psi)


HD plasma cutting provides the ability to cut very thick materials.  With our HD plasma cutters we can perform precision shape cutting from plates of virtually any width or length and up to 12” thickness.  Our machines are 120” x 504”.  This gives us the ability to cut very large plates at one time.  It gives our customers more flexibility in their project ideas and of course in the pricing.  This ultimately means that no job is too large for our machines.